Dark Knight Sales Show You're Buying a Decent Amount of Blu-Ray

Dark Knight sold 600,000 Blu-ray copies on its opening day alone—that's more than Iron Man, the previous #1, sold in its first week. And surprisingly, Blu-ray accounted for around 20% of total sales of 3m. You guys are buying a lot of Blu!

(Iron Man's record was pretty well thrashed though—it sold only 500,000 BD copies in its first week. )

This number probably does not indicate a sudden surge in Blu-ray player adoption since Iron Man had the same 20%; at the box office, Dark Knight pulled in 40% more than Iron Man. But it's also a sign that BD adoption is moving right along—and an encouragement for Warners, who are doing some pretty creative things with BD-Live. [TV Predictions]

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