EFiX's Parent Company Says They Will Not Be Selling Mac Clones

After EFiX USA mentioned plans to sell Mac clones, OS X dongle maker and parent company ASE quickly killed those plans and sent their U.S. distributor to bed without dinner, according to Tom's Hardware.

Davide Rutigliano, CEO of Art Studios Entertainment, issued a personal statement, mentioning that he was shutting down the project immediately and promising the company will never sell a clone that directly competes with another product.

The EFiX dongle allows users to easily load a copy of OS X onto a PC with minimal fuss. Apparently EFiX USA misinterpreted the launch of ASE's certification program, intended more to help custom builders with compatibility, as a green light to start building their own Millenium 4 machines. They were wrong. [Tom's Hardware]

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