Dad, Where's the Digital Photo Frame?

I love my parents. My dad is tech savvy, my mum isn't, but both are equally bedazzled by technology and their reaction to certain gadgets is funny. Some parents, however, are not so impressed.

Like Giz reader Brian, who had this sweet post-xmas story to tell us about his dad:

I went back to MI to my parent's place this year for Christmas. My dad's gift this year was a new 10 mega pixel digital camera with all the bells and whistles.

While helping him figure out his new gadget I thought it would be fun to put pictures on the nice Kodak digital photo frame that I gave them for Christmas last year. So I ask my dad, "where is your digital frame"? Imagine my confusion when he points the frame out to me. See attached files.

God bless them. Reminds me of my beloved mother-in-law, who refers to her MacBook as "the television".

Do you have any funny stories with your parents or grandparents you would like to share? Send them our way. [Thanks Brian]

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