Cowon S9 Curve GUI Not Quite As Lovely As the Player Itself

The AMOLED-screened Cowon S9 Curve is pretty. I get it. But a sexy design will only carry a PMP so far; a touchscreen media player's success depends on its GUI, and things aren't looking fantastic for the S9.

Instead of building out from the user interfaces found in their larger PMPs, Cowon seems to have gone for something fresh. And by "fresh", I mean "variously lifted from popular PMP interfaces, including that one that you don't want to lift from, because everyone will call you on it immediately." This is the second day of not-so-great news for teetery player, as yesterday its US release was pushed back to a murky "early 2009."

A few pictures don't tell the whole story though—despite the lack of a browser, the Curve still has the potential to give most available PMPs—iPod Touch included—a run for their money. Furthermore, prospective Curve owners should count themselves lucky; early Cowon players didn't have GUIs. [Digihunter]

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