Congress Says FCC Chairman Abused Power, Played Favourites with Verizon

What's up with corrupt politicians this week? Congress just filed a 110-page report on FCC Chairman Kevin Martin's "egregious abuses of power," documenting his favouritism for companies, and possibly impropriety with some, like Verizon.

For instance, he leaked early warning to T-Mobile about a Do Not Call violation fine, and then helped get it reduced to just $US100,000. The Verizon allegations seem more sinister, though also more vague, since it looks like the investigators caught wind of more severe favouritism, but couldn't quite find the evidence to prove it. Unfortunately, say the investigators, "due to the climate of fear that currently pervades the FCC," witnesses won't come forward.

Martin's spokesperson notes that the report "did not find or conclude that there were any violations of rules, laws or procedures." Regardless, one report finding you can't argue with is that Kevin Martin "picks on cable." [DSL Reports]

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