Computer Modelled After Incredible Bejing Digital Building

The Bejing Digital building wasn't the breakaway star of 2008 Olympics architecture, but if Michael Phelps built circuit boards, things might have been different. Luckily, one modder created a case to commemorate the building.

Not just some basement mod, the original renderings of this PC were created by Gert Swolfs, the same guy who did the original renderings for the actual building. The case itself was then fashioned from wood and lined with aluminium. In order to fit a full-sized video card along with a slew of other big components, a small platform box was constructed under the cube itself.

The technical aspect of lighting the case was an idea that evolved over time. The builder started with LCDs, considered an LED array and then settled for simple UV Blue acrylic.

Not a bad job at all, especially when you check out the Bejing Digital building's original renderings:

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