Chumby Hack Brings Social Networking To Goldfish

Goldfish must get lonely in those little bowls. I'm sure that's why designer Bruno Fosi used guts from a Chumby to create a device that allows you to automate an aquarium and bring it online.

The details on the "My Chumby's Fish" design are pretty thin, but it appears that sensors monitor conditions inside the tank and report details back to you. Because it's Chumby heart utilises a wireless connection, other fish lovers with this device can interact with your fish and feed it remotely via your own personal goldfish network. By "interact" I mean that the fish can see each other via webcam, you can talk to it via a microphone and use "shake and tap movements" to simulate vibration and air bubbles. Yeah, this is a bit over the top for something you will probably flush down in the toilet in a week—but then again, most design concepts are out there to begin with. [Yanko]

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