Chinese Cheap Blu-ray Makers Battered by Just-as-Cheap Players From Sony and Samsung

Only possible in today's crazy world: Chinese OEMs who planned to steal Blu-ray marketshare with sub-$US200 players are being bloodied by name brands like Sony and Samsung selling their players at that price.

Despite Sony's Stan Glasgow stating their firm intention not to dip below a $US299 MSRP on their Blu-ray players, you can easily find their BDP-S350 for $US250, or even less. And there were loads of $US200ish deals on name-brand players around and after Black Friday—if they weren't literally giving them away.

And $US199 is exactly the pricepoint that the Chinese OEMs—i.e., Walmart Blu-ray players—wanted to waltz in at, given the tough talk from Sony and others about sticking to $US300, $US250 at the worst. Instead, Walmart—and every other retailer—is smartly playing up these super-cheap players from brands you've actually heard of before. So, the Chinese OEMs, those classy undercutters and free-market propellants, are on the receiving end of the pain they usually dish out, assaulted by the very people they usually assault.

Here's the question: Is it because Blu-ray is failing? Or just another anomaly only possible today's world? [Digitimes]

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