CCTV to Spy Four Year Old Kids at School

Are these people out of their spanking-loving, English-disciplined, bloody psycho minds? Judging from these news, yes they are: Schools in Britain are now installing CCTV and microphones in classrooms for four-year-old kids.

According to the Daily Mail, schools have installed new cameras to watch and listen to "pupils as young as four". Apparently, the authorities are worried that the aforementioned pupils can disrupt lessons when the teacher's back is turned, and they want the cameras to identify them.

Coincidentally, Shadow Children's Minister Tim Loughton is chairman of Classwatch, the company installing those surveillance systems. Nor surprisingly, teachers and human rights organisations are up in arms against the technology but, quite frankly, who cares about CCTV in classrooms when the bloody things are basically installed all over the place in the United Kingdom?

Alan Moore was right. [Daily Mail]

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