Bush and Co. Poops On Free National Wi-Fi

Defending his corporate pals the free market, famed pretzel aficionado and President George W Bush is saying no no no NO to free national Wi-Fi. His Commerce Secretary makes his case:

This mandate would likely lead to congested and inefficiently used broadband.

Yeah. There you have it. He doesn't even explain how that would happen.

Let's see:

• FCC wants to auction the AWS-3 (Advanced Wireless Services) spectrum.
• FCC wants to set a condition for the winner: Reserve one quarter of the spectrum for a free nation-wide Wi-Fi service for rural areas which don't have internet access, therefore making the web available for everyone—like in the rest of the world—and not letting the US lag behind.
• The free Wi-Fi network will be operated by the private company who wins the auction.

How in the name of all that is good and sacred, how could this be bad for the US economy, which is getting the money from the auction and free Wi-Fi to push rural areas forward? How could this lead to a "congested broadband"? What's exactly the technical argument here?

I will tell you where: Nowhere.

Maybe Bush and Co. are hoping that the FCC and Congress would think that communist gremlins will screw it all. Hopefully, the FCC and Congress will be informed enough to realise that Gutierrez sophisticated and carefully weaved arguments are a big pile of steamy dog shit.

Head to the Fast Company to read a detailed analysis about the Bush administration's position. [Fast Company]

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