Buffalo LinkStation Mini: 240GB Ninja SSD

We'll laugh at this equipment in a few years, but Buffalo has updated their external LinkStation Mini drive with ultra-premium storage and nearly silent operation. And for the time being, it's pretty freakin' uber-worthy.

The new Mini packs dual 120GB, 2.5-inch SSDs that allow the drive to run at a ridiculously quiet 2.3db. This setup also allows for either 240GB of data storage or a RAID1 mirroring configuration to protect your data should your new, fancy storage fail on you. The system is also DLNA-compliant to share media while supporting both USB and ethernet connectivity.

So now that we've sold you the Buffalo LinkStation Mini, we should probably mention...it's Japan-exclusive for the time being and will cost $US1,200. No hard feelings though, right? Who want's a crummy, monster external SSD anyway? [Buffalo via Engadget]

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