Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

breakfast-eggsbenedict.jpgOLEDs to be Used to Treat Skin Cancer, Acne Everybody loves OLEDs.

Sensor-Equipped Footballs to Make Refs More Accurate This is for NFL at the moment, but wouldn't you love to see it in Rugby Union, where the ref can completely ruin a match?

RIAA Jerks To Stop Suing Individuals For Online Piracy of course, this doesn't relieve them of "jerk" status.

Giz Explains: Everything You Wanted to Know About DRM Well, everything except the most important - why it still exists when everyone knows it doesn't work...

Rebel Shark That Plays By His Own Rules Jumps Onto Waterslide, Lives Fast, Dies Young Way to go out wth a bang, sharky.

Dark Knight's Chris Nolan Event Shows BD-Live Is Not Quite Ready I wonder if that's why Warner didn't even include BD+ Live on our version of the film?

Blockbuster Streaming Box Review: Mediocre The worst part is that we'll probably get this box before we get a Netflix solution.

Pass Wine Through an Electric Field for Delicious, Rapid Aging Couldn't we just run power lines through every Australian vineyard instead?

Gizmondo Delayed for Massive Redesign: Will Christmas Ever Be the Same? When will these people learn? There's no market for shitty handheld gaming devices that have already failed.

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