Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast oranges.jpgTypical - First day of Summer and I'm sick as a dog. Hence the Vitamin C. Anyway, here's what went on over the weekend:

Inside NASA's 747 Flying Telescope It's a plane!

How To Calibrate Your HDTV (and Not Lose Your Mind) Wow. I'm about to search my DVD collection now.

Star Trek vs Star Wars: The Final Battle I've never been a Star Trek fan, but this was fantastic.

Flying Aerocar Auction Shows the Future Comes From 1956 And there you have it: The world has had a "flying car" since the 1950s.

Linux for iPhone May Open the Door to Android iPhone Go, Hackers, Go!

Calling All Wannabe Dr. Evil's: Super Secret London Tunnel Lair For Sale If we all put in $100 bucks, we could buy it ourselves...

Crazy Guy Beats Guitar Hero 3 Using Drums Almost certainly the best video you'll see today.

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