BluTiger Speakers Are Great For People Who Enjoy Graphing Their Music

They're really just a gimmick, but there must be a reason that software music players still include visualisations, and that this $US300 BluTiger 6000 speaker set has them permanently bolted to its front.

The speakers are a fairly standard 5.1 amplified PC set, with a few extra inputs to accommodate whatever other sound-producing gadgets you feel the need to visualize on the fly. The stars of the show here, of course, are the banner claims: Two ten band real-time spectrum analysers! 100 bright blue LEDs per screen! 1000 TOTAL WATTS!

Taking into consideration the tacky wattage claim, these speakers probably aren't for the audiophile set, but the gaudiness of the whole thing, not to mention the hundreds of flashing lights, gives them a certain charm. [BluTiger]

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