BigPond Launches 24/7 Sports Channel

bigpond sport.pngA lot of geeks tend to avoid sport - God knows I find cricket to be the single most tedious program on summer TV. But if you do belong to that rare breed of gadget fan who enjoys all types of sports, you may be interested to hear that BigPond has launched a 24/7 sport TV channel for both NextG customers and online. You won't necessarily get full matches though, with the channel offering news, results and highlights, from a selection of sports including cricket (yawn), tennis, golf, A-League, English Premiere League football, ESPN programming plus other results from around the globe. The service, called BigPond Sport Summer, will set you back $9.95 a month or $3.95 a day for NextG customers, or can be viewed for free online at (so long as you use a Windows-based PC, that is). Sadly, there won't be any real geeky sports, like robot wars or chess tournaments, but who knows what the future holds, right?


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