Best Xmas Tree Ever Has All the Sci-Fi Decorations You Can Imagine

Xmas nerdgasm! Earthlings, behold the best Xmas tree ever, decorated using every single sci-fi electronic figure in the Universe, as you'll see in the video. From Star Wars to Star Trek, the mind boggles.

Sci-Fi Xmas Tree: The Movie

Sci-Fi Xmas Tree: Bonus

All the ornaments

The tree belongs to one of our dearest commenters and his wife, and the first ever to hold a star in Gizmodo: Strider. Or like he wants to call himself in real life: Mike. As you can see, it's absolutely spectacular, even overwhelming with all that sound.

In 1997, when Hallmark started the light and sound Star Trek ornaments, my mum bought all my brothers and sisters (including my then-girlfriend) the original NCC-1701 Enterprise ornament. Every year since then my wife and I have tried (and I'm pretty sure succeeded) to collect them all, including the Star Wars ones, although I'm not actually sure how complete our collection is at the moment. We don't keep track, we just get the ones we want, which is usually all if not most of them.

I use eight individual strings of lights to spread out the electrical load of the light-powered ornaments. It takes at least a few hours to set the whole thing up. It's so worth it though. We're up to two of those large plastic bins of the ones that get put away. Every year we decide to keep a couple more of the battery operated ones out. -I want the big TIE fighter for my desk, personally.

[Big thanks for Mike and his wife, Melissa—who put the decorations up— for the amazing job of documenting the decoration of their tree for us]

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