Best Buy Turns to Component Cable Deception To Sell HDTV Calibration Service

We all know that Best Buy isn't above deceiving their customers into purchasing their pricey HDTV calibration service, but it looks like they have changed tactics by using different cables on side-by-side displays.

A Consumerist tipster caught his local Best Buy running a display highlighting the difference between a calibrated and an un-calibrated HDTV. After further examination, the tipster noticed that the un-calibrated TV was hooked up with component cable while the calibrated TV had HDMI. As many of you know, component cable has trouble with 1080p, which is most likely how they manipulated the picture. Naturally, the Best Buy employee on hand did not help matters by claiming that there was no difference between HDMI and component.

Once again, Best Buy takes advantage of their customers by selling them something they probably didn't even know they needed. My advice is to educate yourself and fight the power. This guide will teach you how to calibrate your HDTV on your own while this guide will help you buy an HDTV like a pro. [Consumerist]

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