Beijing WoW-Themed Restaurant Replenishes Your Health in Real Life

A Beijing man has opened a restaurant themed after his favourite MMORPG: World of Warcraft. After chomping down food, inspired by dishes from Azeroth, customers can log on at various terminals to play WoW.

He doesn't half-arse the WoW-themed décor either. The entrance is a real-life recreation of the opening animation from the game. The dining area, called the Hall of Snow Storms, features large plasma screens showing in-game action, as well as a towering World Tree in the middle of the room.

The owner said he'd created the restaurant in hopes that "people who share his enthusiasm for The World of Warcraft would find a comfortable gathering place." Well, my account hasn't been active for over a year, but rest assured, I. Will. Be. There. You know, for the Horde and all. [CCTV]

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