Bacarobo 2008, The Stupid Robot Championship

The Bacarobo competition pits six fearsome robots against one another that meet a few basic requirements: They must be mechanical, funny, and completely useless to society.

This 10-minute video from their 2008 championships is admittedly a bit long, but there are some real gem moments to see, highlighted in this makeshift table of contents. The opening is pure Iron Chef absurdity, and I enjoyed the bolded stuff the most:

0:30 - Hat Detects Nervousness
1:48 - YKRN Face Detecting Bot and Winner of Bacarobo
3:30 - Perverted Joke Robots (in Japanese)
4:08 - The Thinking Robot
6:20 - Dancing Robots
7:48 - "Lazy Robots"
9:40 - Winner Crowned

Because we all know that 10 minutes of internet video is like watching a Lawrence of Arabia/Gettysburg double feature. [via Trends in Japan]

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