Australia, a Country with a Moronic Government, to Block BitTorrent

Australia loves censoring and filtering things on the internet, but its government hasn't had its fill yet. Next up: blocking BitTorrent in the entire country.

I guess it shouldn't be too shocking coming from a country with a Censorship Minister, but this is still pretty ridiculous. Said minister Stephen Conroy posted on his department's blog recently that they were planning to test new filters to block BitTorrent traffic country-wide.

Australians, what do you have to say about this? Why are you electing jackasses like this that are turning your country into a less productive version of China?

AU: The US hasn't got it quite right here - the government plans on trialling filtering technology of bittorrent in their upcoming trial, but it will be targeted at blocking illegal content as opposed to blocking all bittorrent. In any case, it won't work and Conroy's still a jackass. I swear to God, if this filter comes through, I'm moving to New Zealand.

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