Austereo Launches New Digital Radio Station

radar radio.pngChances are, digital radio hasn't exactly got you worked up under the collar. I mean, it's radio, and in today's world of podcasts and IPTV, radio doesn't quite have the same kind of allure. Well, anyway, Austereo has announced the first of their digital channels today, ahead of the official digital radio launch in May next year. The new station, Radar Radio, focuses on undiscovered Australian artists, and rather than featuring proper DJs and shows, will instead feature pre-recorded announcements announcing each track, according to Michael Bodey over at the Australian.The new radio station isn't just about digital radio though - they're also keen to make their mark with both PC and potentially mobile streaming in the future. Which is good, considering most people don't have a DAB+ compatible radio yet, and won't until the official launch next year. So if you do want to check out the new station, you can listen to it at their website, although for some reason they decided to stream in Windows Media format, which means Mac users aren't exactly welcome.

[Radar Radio and Australian IT]

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