At the End of the Day, $US15,000 Carbon Fibre Biometric Door Is Still Just A Door

Carbon fibre is pretty, and it's a cool technique to implement with car design... but what about doors? Who cares, you say? I agree, but it still didn't stop this door from becoming a reality.

In addition to the hefty $US15,000 price tag, this door boasts a biometric sensor that serves as the lock. Oh, and lots of carbon fibre. Did we mention it's made of carbon fibre? There was, sadly, no word on what this door was protecting. An underground secret lair, perhaps?

Anyway, we sincerely hope the wealthy Brazilian businessman who commissioned this piece gets his money's worth, because this sucker would do nicely as the door to the next Gizmodo Gallery, don't you think? [Carbon Fibre Gear]

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