Asus EEE-branded Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Look Surprisingly Stylish

While Asus has some interesting products, I'd never expect the company to win a design award. That said, Asus' wireless keyboard and mouse for the EEE Box look pretty nice, if not terribly original.

EEE PC News posted the images, but details on the accessories are pretty scant. And if the pics are correct, Asus will also release a remote control that looks like a pepper grinder sliced in half.

One would assume that these are RF-based wireless devices, but really it's all about the aesthetic appeal. Sure they're pretty much a carbon copy of what you'd get from a Sony or Apple, but I like the glossy look of the keyboards that neither of those two provides with their products. In any case, I'd expect that more info on these products will surface at CES. [EEE PC News via Engadget]

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