Apple Leopard 10.5.6 Update Pwns Pwnage, Breaks Jailbreak

A warning for all you iPhone jailbreak enthusiasts: Apple's newest OS software update contains quite a stink bomb—10.5.6 disables the Pwnage tool, making you unable to jailbreak or unlock your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The update prevents jailbreaking by disabling the software at the computer level, a step up from what the company usually does: release a firmware update that re-locks the iPhone. Now it's stopping your Mac from recognising the device in DFU (device firmware update) mode by inflicting new code on the USB ports on Apple computers.

While the iPhone Dev Team is no doubt working to figure out a new hack around this, some are reporting that the simplest way to work around the update for now is to copy some of the 10.5.5 framework files over the newer ones... or not update. [Information Week and Spaziocellulare]

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