Android 'Cupcake' Shown Off on G1, Onscreen Keyboard Included

Anticipating a selection of QWERTY-less handsets to run the platform in the near future, the next version of Android will have an onscreen keyboard, among other things. Here's what it'll look like.

The two most notable aspects of the keyboard are its style and its method of feedback, which are both slightly derivative in their own right. You may recognise the keyboard styling from HTC's TouchFlo 3D handsets, which are skinned very similarly, albeit with an inverted colour scheme. It diverges, however, in its visual feedback; instead of simply magnifying the key around your finger, Cupcake displays a disembodied duplicate at a fixed distance above the original key, for an effect not unlike the iPhone's onscreen keyboard.

Not shown in the video are some of Cupcake's meatier features, namely the video recording and browser find functions. The robust, if unrefined, preview of this keyboard serves to show that developers are taking Android dev seriously, and that the platform could well turn out to be the evolving OS that we originally hoped for. [MomentaryLapseofReason via ModMyGphoneThanks, Neerhaj]

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