8 High-Tech Christmas Trees

Regular Christmas trees have a string of lights. High-tech trees have 30,000 LEDs, 43 LCD televisions and lasers. Get the picture? Good—because the following trees definitely fall into the latter category.

Sharp's Aquos LCD Tree: This year Sharp unveiled a 26-foot tall Christmas tree in New York's Grand Central Station constructed out of 43 televisions ranging from 19 to 52 inches. As part of the promotion, Sharp is giving away televisions from the tree to those who register. They will also donate $US1 per entry to the Green Collar Project—a program that trains people to work in environmental jobs. [Sharp via Link Image via NYClovesNYC]

3-D Laser Tree: This laser tree belongs in Vegas, but it was made in Japan. [Link]

Gadget Tree: Decking out trees with gadgets is a time-honored holiday tradition in certain geeky circles. This particular version includes everything from video cards to USB vacuums to floppy disks. [blogpcnews]

Pac-Man Tree: Like retro games? Well, apparently someone in Madrid does too because last year a Pac-Man tree popped up there complete with power pellets and ghosts. [Link]

USB Fibre Optic Tree: Plugging this mini-tree into your USB port will light up your cubicle in a festive fibre optic glow. [ThinkGeek]

Wireless Christmas Tree: The war against wires has moved on to the holiday battlefield with this wireless tree from Frontgate. It uses radio frequencies to transmit energy from a power source to the LEDs that decorate the tree. [Frontgate / sold out]

Motherboard Christmas Tree: All you need is a 9V battery to power up the flashing LEDs on this tree made from recycled motherboards. [UrbanOutfitters]

Rockefeller Centre Tree: The Rockefeller tree is always a high-tech undertaking simply because of its massive scale. This year is no different. The tree stands at 72 feet and features 30,000 energy-efficient LED lights on five miles of wire. The star includes 25,000 Swarovski crystals and weighs 340kg. [AP]

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