$US830 Goyard Netbook Sleeves Despise Humanity

I'm glad that in spite of the economic apocalypse, famed French luggage maker Goyard can offer us netbook bags for only $US830 (as seen in Vogue magazine.)

I could say a lot of things in response to this unequivocally ridiculous item. I could live up my male stereotype, chastising the ladies at geeksugar who would fawn over some patterned scrap of leather just because there's a zipper and designer attached. I could approach the bag from a standpoint of logic, questioning why someone would pay more just to hold a netbook than they paid for that netbook in the first place. But I'm not going to do any of those things. It's not worth my or your time or effort. Instead, I'll just say—

Fuck you, Goyard. Fuck. You. [geeksugar via bbGadgets]

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