30 Year Old Brothers Get Stabby, Chokey Over PS2 Controller

Winter weather and cabin fever can lead to some strange behaviour. Take this tale of two thirtysomething Wisconsin brothers for instance. Apparently, a fight over a PS2 controller lead to punching, choking and stabbing.

According to the Waukesha Police, the fight started over an argument about who's turn it was to play the (unidentified) game. Eventually, the fight escalated when one brother tried to choke the other out. In retaliation, he pulled an knife and slashed at his assailant. The knife was wrestled out of his hands and plunged into his chest. In a panic, the brother who did the stabbin' fled the scene and walked to the hospital—suffering severe frostbite on his hands as a result.

The injuries sustained were not life threatening, but police are recommending that charges be brought up against both brothers. They are also speaking with Santa Claus about the possibility of placing his boot squarely and firmly into their asses. [MSNBC via Kotaku]

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