2009 Will Arrive One Second Late To Its Own Party

If you're heading out to watch the midnight fireworks tonight to say goodbye to the year that was 2008, be prepared for a slight delay. And when we say slight, we mean slight - one second, to be precise. Boffins at Greenwich will be adding a single second onto the year 2008 to adjust time for the minute slowing of the earth's rotation. According to AP, the move has reignited the debate between GMT and atomic time as the worldwide standard for timekeeping - atomic clocks are precise to the nanosecond and don't need sporadic adjustments of a second to maintain accuracy. However, they don't take into account changes to the planet's rotation, either and in hundreds of years midday would actually be closer to 1pm than today's 12pm. In any case, if any of you have an X-men like ability to slow down time and you're wondering why tonight's fireworks don't kick off until 12:00:01, now you know.


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