10 Gadgets For Winter Fun: From Snowball Guns to Ice Saunas

Man, I really miss all the fun you can have in the snow. Snowball fights and forts, snowboarding, school cancellations...those were good times. If only I had gadgets like this back then.

Snow-Baller: Nothing beats a good old-fashioned snowball fight when the conditions are right. You know—when the snow is wet enough to be densely packed. The only problem is that forming the snowballs yourself reduces your efficiency and therefore compromises your chances of success in battle. The Snow-Baller should help to eliminate that problem by speeding up the production process (although you may have to make a trade-off between quantity and quality). [Sno-Baller via Link]

Snowball Blaster: If you are really serious about having an advantage in battle, you could step up to this full-fledged snowball gun. It sculpts the balls for you (three at a time) and can sling em' up to 15 metres. [Hammacher Schlemmer via Link]

IceBox Igloo Maker: If you are going to engage in an all-out snowball war, a protective fort is going to be essential. Using this tool you can build a quality igloo, brick by brick in one to three hours. [Icebox via Link]

Snowman Maker: What's a war without an army? Using this mold, you can crank out a battalion of frosty, button-nosed warriors. Kind of like a wintery version of Emperor Qin Shi Huang's terracotta army.

Slegoon: There are sleds...and then there is the Slegoon. Imagine, if you will, blazing down an ice coated hill in one of these things. The g-forces pressing you against the seat, the snow set ablaze behind you, kids on normal sleds getting devoured by your wake. What was that sound? A sonic boom? You just might survive this if you can stay focused and you don't run out of track. [Link]

Gas Powered Snowboard: Part snowboard, part snowmobile, this contraption has a 6.5-hp 4-cycle gas engine that can get you travelling at speeds up to 29kph. It can also run for up to 2 hours on a 3/4 tank of petrol. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

The Grinch: If you prefer riding a traditional snowboard, you can still enjoy some assistance from technology in the form of this Grinch slingshot. The device is hammered into the ground and can rocket snowboarders and surfers into ramps and waves with a towrope attached to a 7HP engine. [Grinch via Link]

Ice Sauna: Of course, there is more to do during the winter than snowball fights and snowboarding. Apparently, sitting in a room where it is 10 degrees below zero can be quite relaxing (for northern European countries at least). I'll take their word for it—although if this woman is included I'm all about it. [Link]

Snow at Home: No Snow? No problem! The SG7 snowmaking system can turn your lawn into a winter wonderland on demand. Unfortunately, it requires freezing temperatures to operate (and it doesn't come cheap at $US3300). Might as well just wait for mother nature to do her thing. [Snow at Home]

Instant Snow: Okay, so you don't live in an area where the temperatures dip below freezing. You can still join in the fun with this Instant Snow kit. All you need to do is add water to the powder mix and you can watch it transform into a compound that looks and feels like real snow. Each container can make eight gallons of artificial snow, which should be enough for a warm weather snowball fight. [Steve Spangler Science]

[Image via Frank Juarez]

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