10 Gadgets For Cheap Holiday Decorating

For most of us, money is tight this year. But that doesn't mean you can't decorate for the holidays. Here is how to deck the halls without breaking the bank.


Christmas Tree Projector: Don't have the cash to blow on a tree and decorations this year? No worries, there are a few clever solutions to help you save some cash. This DIY Christmas tree projector throws a simple image of a tree onto your wall using three LEDs, a Picaxe 08M micro, a 9V battery, a plastic tube and a little bit of plywood. [Make]

Christmas Tree Poster: This Christmas tree poster gets the job done for only $US19—and cleanup is a snap. [Firebox via Link]

Cardboard Tree: Is a poster tree a little too ghetto for you? Then step up to three dimensions with one of these cardboard versions. Available for $US23. [Cardboard Tree via Inhabitat]

Beer Bottle Tree: Drinking a lot to forget your financial troubles? Good, then you should have a lot of empties lying around. Collect them to form your very own bottle tree. Plus, when all is said and done, you might be able to recycle them for some extra cash (depending on where you live of course). [Unbound Edition]


Black Market Christmas Lights: Did you know that there is a black market for Christmas lights? The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) warns against buying these counterfeits for safety reasons, but it's hard to turn down a super deal. [Link]

USB Christmas Lights: Instead of decking out the whole house in decorations, perhaps you should focus your budget on the area where you spend the most time. The computer seems like a good bet, and these USB lights will only set you back $US18. [Brando]

DIY Felt Ornaments: This $US20 kit will supply everything you need to make your own felt ornaments embedded with LEDs. [Makershed]


Yule a Go-Go: No fireplace? No problem. No woman? No problem. This burlesque yule log DVD provides both in a very, very bizarre way. Available for $US20 (Video is slightly NSFW). [Yule a Go-Go]


Christmas Toaster: If you need to downgrade the Christmas feast a little this year, this holiday-themed pop art toaster will add a festive touch to each piece of toasty bread. Available for $US25. [Baron Bob]


DIY LED Menorah: Christmas not your thing? We have you covered too with this LED mini-menorah kits. Each kit comes with all of the supplies necessary to make your own—and it will only set you back $US10. [Evil Mad Science via Link]

[Images via azrainman and tristanif]

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