ZzzPhone Is Second Google Android Mobile Phone Ever

According to CrunchGear's John Biggs, the second-ever Android mobile phone doesn't come from Motorola, Nokia or Sony Ericsson. The Zzzphone is a full-QWERTY keyboard Chinese slider which apparently runs the Android operating system, and has a web site designed in 1994. Not only does it run Android, but it also seems to have mutant powers. This thing can do absolutely everything:

Welcome to zzzPhone; the world's first unlocked quad-band mobile featuring the Google Android Operating System. It not only works everywhere in the world, but also can be built and personalised per your custom requirements with GPS, Wi-Fi, your choice of seven colours for cases, and 15 other optional buy-ons. This powerful smart phone, with up to 32GB of memory, also happens to be the world's first phone with snap on modular accessories such as full QWERTY keyboard, mini boom box, projector, etc.; making it the most versatile and adaptable phone on the planet.

Enhanced features include: The world's first phone with snap-on projector, the option to add a full QWERTY keyboard, upgrades to 4 stereo speakers, an extended battery that lasts up to 2 weeks, and MORE!!!

"MORE!!!"? More than all that? John says that he has bought one himself, which they said is coming in 10 business days. For how mucho dinero, you ask? With all those things and possibilities, it sure must be $400? $500? No. It's just $US119. And for a few dollars more, you can even buy it in a different colour. Cheaper than the G1 and the iPhone. You can even buy a gold and diamonds version for $US225,000. Or just wait for John to get his base model and wait to see that it's just made of cardboard or blows on his ear. [Zzzphone via Crunchgear]

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