Wow: CNN Election Night Talking Heads Will Be 3D Holograms

Holy crap, the future is here, and I'm not talking about the next president being elected tonight. CNN's election night talking heads won't be yapping against a boring green screen. No sir, they will be 3D holograms beamed into the studio next to Wolf Blitzer, making it seem as if they are actually there. While it's not surprising that bringing this bit of sci-fi magic to the more mundane arena of guys with large heads huffing and puffing about politics and numbers is an impressive technical feat, it's kind of amazing just how much comes together to make it happen.

The dude being beamed across the country next to Wolf will have 44 cameras trained on him, with 20 computers in his location crunching the video feeds to produce 360-degree imaging data. All of that stuff is sent to New York, where the images are processed and projected by another array of cams and comps. then, plasma TVs back in Chicago and Phoenix will let the interviewees see Wolf and the other CNN people. CNN can project two different views from each city, so Wolf can be flanked by two different holograms.

Man, I so know where I'm watching the election coverage. The future. [USA Today via The Guardian via Waxy via BBG, Whew]

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