Wii Multi-Player Controller Set Costs More than the Sum of its Parts

With little fanfare and no press release, a new Nintendo Wii Multi-Player Controller Set has appeared on at least one Target store shelf. Priced at $US74.99, the set includes a Wiimote, Nunchuk and Wii Wheel. So how much money are you saving by buying your controllers in bulk? Errr...none actually.

As one GoNintendo commenter quickly pointed out:

Wii Wheel - $US14.99
Wii Remote - $US39.99
Nunchuk - $US19.99
Total - $US74.97

So at Target, the collection actually costs you 2 cents more than purchasing the components alone. And if you were to find the Wii Wheel cheaper (say from Amazon, where it costs just $US10), you'd be paying about $US5 more for this kit than any half-assed bargain hunter. [GoNintendo]

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