Waterbirth Vessel Concept Recreates the 'Tide at Omaha Beach' in Your Hot Tub

A word of warning if you end up installing the Waterbirth Vessel in your home: Be sure to clean it out before the guests arrive for that big hot tub party you've been planning (the placenta floats, fyi). More seriously, this design from Darling Dushinka sports an adjustable seat, massaging jets, overhead bars and supports, and a shotgun seat for the daddy-to-be. No word on the filtration system, though, which they should probably include if this thing ever hits the market. And lastly, in a head nod to NBC's The Office, the headline quote was uttered with hilarious results by that crusty ol' character Creed last Thursday.

Better news. It comes as part of a birthing suite:

[Coroloft via Born Rich]

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