Walloffice Is Smallest Home-Office Solution, Not For Shiny Floors

This Wallflower Walloffice desk from Jonas and Jonas design may hold the record for the smallest and simplest home-office solution: It's got just two legs, and is made from a one-piece bent-laminate structure you lean up against the wall. Nevertheless, it looks useful, is "scratch and shock-resistant" and "allows for any kind of strain," though I'd be a tad reluctant to try the ol' office-nooky-on-the-desk manoeuvre, no matter how strain-resistant it is.

I've got just one other quibble though. This is my home office solution:

It's also scratch and shock resistant, made of one-piece laminated wood, I can use it to work from the comfort of my bed, and it's waaaaaay smaller. And probably cheaper too, though there's no info on Walloffice's pricing. [Treehugger]

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