Wall-E on Blu-Ray Arrives November 18th

WALL-E is set to land on Blu-Ray (and DVD) on November 18th, and will probably become the go-to showoff movie for high-end entertainment systems. The newest Pixar movie is a big favourite here at Gizmodo, and the 3-disc set looks like a must-have for Blu-Ray owners, with all kinds of great extras. More details after the jump.

AU: I should point out, with great regret, that the Aussie Blu-ray release for Wall-E definitely won't be on November 18, seeing as how it's still out at the cinemas. Still, this is what you may or may not have to look forward to when it does hit Blu-ray.

It'll be available in a two- or three-disc set on Blu-Ray, and feature a new short film called BURN-E, as well as Presto, the short that ran alongside the film in theatres. The sets also have a documentary on the studio called The Pixar Story, a "retro suite of video games," and of course the standards like commentary and a behind-the-scenes look. The double and triple-disc sets will run for $US36 and $US41, respectively, and there will be single, double, and triple-disk DVD sets as well. [Official Site]

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