Vudu Claims Largest HD Movie Library in the World, Bigger Than Blu-ray

In a bid to set themselves apart from their increasingly inevitable competition, Vudu made a bold claim: , with 1100 HD movies, including about 150 in the fantastic HDX codec, they've got the largest HD movie library in the world, physical formats included. This sounds suspect until you consider that Netflix, Xbox Marketplace and Apple TV all offer under a thousand HD films, and that, which lists all available titles, only contains ~1030 discs, including some television shows.

These numbers, however, rely on some pretty shaky sources — Vudu's PR people and the clumsily organised online directory of BD titles — so don't be surprised if the Blu-ray Disc Association shoots back a hasty "yeah, no" in the next few days. No matter what, the encoding-happy company is bound to end up with a massive library, as Vudu encoding HD movie at a rate of about 150 a week. [Vudu via Crave]

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