Viper MkII from Battlestar Going Up for Sale Along With 100s of Other Props

Want to be the coolest guy in your neighbourhood? Slap a full-sized Viper MkII on your lawn. Too big? Well, how about sprucing up your office with President Roslin's desk? Or making yourself more intimidating by wearing Colonel Tigh's eyepatch? This is the motherlode, my friends.

All this stuff, along with costumes, set pieces, production art and loads more props, will all be available at a Battlestar auction in Pasadena, CA in January. Can't make it to the west coast? The auctions will be broadcast live on the internet and there will be full internet bidding capability, so you can bid on Callie's deck helmet from the comfort of your own home.

There's some seriously awesome stuff here, and if I wasn't afraid of ruining my chances of cohabitation with a female forever I would definitely snatch up that war room chalkboard.

The last half-season of Battlestar Galactica airs in January on SciFi. [Battlestar Props via Oh Gizmo!]

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