Verizon to Announce Unlimited Web $US10 Connect Plan

One of our Verizon sources have also told us about a new plan called Connect, which is basically aimed at web-enabled mobiles, but not smartphones. According to him, the Connect option will be available on November 16 and it will be cheaper than the Vcast service, providing with unlimited mobile web for just $US10 on top of your current Verizon plan:

If someone does not want the Vcast service, this is a step above the current premium plans. So if your premium plan is $US79.99, you can add Vcast for $US15, for a total of about $US95. With Connect it will be only $US10 more, for a total of about $US89.00. Connect allows for unlimited mobile web so if you want to save five bucks, and have the premium plan with unlimited mobile web, but no Vcast, that's the new plan.

And if you want to add it on a secondary line, it's also $US10 bucks. It will be available on November 16 mobile web phones only, not smartphones.

[Thanks tipster]

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