Verizon Blackberry Storm Comparison Page Creates Smart Phone Civil War

Verizon, understandably, is going all out to promote the upcoming Blackberry Storm. Comparisons to the iPhone are rampant, especially from we tech journalists, but the biggest salvo yet in this arena could have been fired yesterday. In this latest comparison, Verizon said to hell with the iPhone, and went straight to the Blackberry on Blackberry comparisons. In the world of smart phones, it's officially brother against brother, father against son. Touchscreen versus trackball. Thanksgiving at Blackberry manor is going to be awkward.

BGR has to goods on why Verizon thinks the Storm will wash away the Bold:

  • Verizon has a bigger and better network
  • The Storm's screen trumps the Bold and it has the cutting edge SurePress input method. The Bold is old school with its trackball and physical QWERTY keyboard
  • The Storm has more : more microSD storage and more megapixels
  • The Storm has both VZ Navigator & BlackBerry maps (though we're not sure we would consider VZ Nav to be an advantage)
  • The Storm has V Cast Music with Rhapsody, while the Bold has nothing. (Guess Verizon does not think too highly of the AT&T mobile music store. They wont even acknowledge its existence!)

But what about that lack of wifi, which many users might see as a potential dealbreaker? "With the Verizon Wireless network, you have a data connection on the nation's most reliable broadband network," Verizon says.

Not exactly the answer many people will be looking for, which had us asking why you'd even include that bullet point on the list in the first place. [BGR]

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