USB Endoscope Applies Lights and Camera to the Darkest, Tightest Spots

The market for home proctology isn't exactly thriving, which is probably the reason why the makers of the USB Endoscope decided to take a more conventional route: The two-foot-long USB-powered snake has LEDs and a camera at one end. Outfitted with a powerful 40X microscopic lens, it focuses in on things you yourself can't reach. Conventional examples include components inside a PC case, or wiring at the rear of a component rack. (For less conventional examples, ask a Geek Squad guy or a Florida college student.) I would like to see more functionality with this thing, though. Tack on a robotic claw, some kind of drill and maybe a teeny flame thrower, and I'd definitely pay the $US140 price tag. [USBfever via Gear Diary]

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