UMID's Mini Netbook Makes Eees Look Massive

Yes, the netbook market is tired and pretty jam-packed, but check out this shiny beast: it's a mini-netbook from Korean manufacturer UMID. And it's tiny. There's no official size info, but it looks smaller than a paperback book, and comparable to the old Psion PDAs, if you remember 'em, but far more capable.

It's Atom-powered, of course, with 1GB memory and up to 32GB of SSD storage, and crazily jams in Korean wireless broadband WiBro, digital TV receivers, HSDPA, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Its touchscreen is a respectable 1024x600 pixels, and while the keyboard may challenge the fat-fingered, the machine can run XP, Vista or Linux. Skinny-fingered netbook fans will have to hold their horses though as there's no info on price or whether it'll make it over the Pacific. [Aving]

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