Toshiba’s NB100 Netbook Hits Shelves For $715

Toshiba’s NB100 Netbook Hits Shelves For $715

ImageToshiba’s entry into the rapidly-becoming-overcrowded netbook space has landed in Australia, and just like they promised back in July, it adds a bit of a price premium to their similarly specced mini-notebook rivals. The NB100 will set you back $715 and for your coin you get an XP-powered, 8.9-inch laptop with a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB RAM, a 120GB HDD and three USB slots. Considering those specs sound awfully similar to every other netbook on the market, it’s natural to wonder where that extra $215 comes into play. The only thing we can spot in the press release or the specs is the ‘diversity antenna’, which “automatically adjusts signal reception for optimal connectivity to the internet, minimising drop outs and disruption while online”. Oh, and the three USB ports will charge your gadgets even when the NB100 is switched off. Does that make up $215 worth of goodies? You tell us…I think we’ll leave that up to you…

Students, first-time computer buyers and people requiring a secondary PC can now enjoy lightweight mobile computing from $715 RRP including. GST with the launch of the NB100 from Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd Information Systems Division (ISD). The Toshiba NB100 is an easy-to-use notebook offering access to email and the internet, as well as entertainment such as music and movies. For more advanced computer users, it acts as secondary PC to stay in touch and gain access to all important documents while in transit.

The NB100 is also a low-cost mobile companion for the classroom. Its simple design features a large touchpad and easy-to-use mouse buttons, making it easy for students to quickly navigate their way around the notebook. The NB100 can easily store all documents and files needed for the classroom.

“When choosing your first PC or considering an additional computer, it’s important to have a mobile PC that fits in with your lifestyle. People effectively store their lives on computers with assignments, work documents, pictures, music and movies and the NB100 will be ideal for this,” said Justin White, Product Marketing Manager at Toshiba ISD. “We have placed great importance on offering the consumer the correct combination of affordability and quality in the NB100.”

The NB100 weighs one kilogram and features an 8.9 inch screen. It comes housed in a cosmic black and aluminium silver case and is pre-loaded with Windows® XP Home. Its wireless capabilities enable easy connection to wireless hot spots and the internet on the go. The NB100 also has a built-in webcam and microphone to chat with friends and family.

The NB100’s unique ‘diversity antenna’ automatically adjusts signal reception for optimal connectivity to the internet, minimising drop outs and disruption while online. It also includes three USB 2.0 sleep and charge ports, allowing users to charge up mobile devices, such as MP3 players, mobile phones, PDAs and game consoles, even when the notebook is turned off.

The NB100 is available now through Toshiba’s Authorised Retailers and Channel Partners at a recommended retail price from $715 RRP including. GST