The Revenge of the Lego Turkey Mecha

You are probably still eating the corpse remains of the 47.5-ton turkey your mum did for Thanksgiving. Which is cool. Unless the brother of that turkey has access to bricks and constructs a weaponised Lego Turkey Mecha to wipe your fat turkey-eating arse out of the face of this planet. This thing seems deceptively inoffensive until you activate the attack mode and it transforms into the amazingly complex beast of destruction and feathered apocalypse that it really is, full of missiles, lasers, and doom-thingie launchers:

It includes:

• A pair of MK4 Torg Class Laser cannons
• A MK5 Oasis Class Hyperdiscombobulator
• A Flare launcher
• A Scorpion Missile Pod, with 9 missiles

Thank God, you don't have to fear this unless you are actually a turkey-eating minifig. [Brickfrenzy via Brothers Brick]

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