The Pentagon Bans USB Flash Drives: Will There Be a Floppy Disk Comeback?

AP reports that the Department of Defence has, at least for the time being, banned USB flash drives and is collecting all Pentagon-owned drives from the entire department. The Pentagon hasn't issued an official statement, but a spokesman did say that they are dealing with a "global virus" that affects such external storage. Apparently, Department of Defence lackeys are being told that they may not get their drives back, and no information has been given regarding the length of the ban. A list of items now banned from the Pentagon after the jump.

- Beer-filled USB flash drives
- Fetus USB flash drives
- Sawed-off USB flash drives
- Carabiner USB flash drives
- USB flash drives shaped like obsolete equipment
- Food-shaped USB flash drives
- Arty meta-storage USB flash drives [AP]

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