The Moto Kraver Strikes at Gizmodo

Yesterday, Joel at BoingBoing Gadgets discovered a very aggressive, um, "fan" of the Motorola Krave trolling their comments for the last couple of weeks. Turns out, he's a frequent pundit at Giz, CrunchGear and Lifehacker (and everywhere else on the internets) too! Did you know that the Krave matches perfectly with a sports car and an alien mountain shelter? It sucks the power out of the shill to actually say you work for Motorola, though, dude. But I guess that constitutes disclosure? Hit the jump to read all about how awesome mgoode says the Krave is.

No hard feelings though, we'll totally laser etch your Krave at the Giz Gallery (if you promise to engrave Gizmodo on it too). Oh, BTW, I messed with the Krave at a press event a few weeks ago. It sucks.

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