The Duracell Powerpack 450 Talks You Through a Jump Start

Because I rarely drive these days, I still roll around in a car I bought 8 years ago. It runs fine, but sooner or later it is going to quit on me. I'll tell you what though, in my situation, the new addition to Duracell's Powerpack linuep looks like peace of mind in a lunch pail-sized box. In addition to jump starting your car, it can power up AC, DC and USB-powered electronics (340 W continuous / 450 W peak). It even has a voice feature that informs you on the estimated runtime for devices that you plug in as well as instructions on how to use its vehicle jump starter and air compressor (150 psi). All-in-all, the 450 looks one seriously useful device for your $US150.

[Duracell via Ecoustics via Crunchgear via DVICE]

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