Terminator Salvation to Be Full of Gritty Mechas, Bikebots

I don't know what to think about Terminator Salvation. I like the gritty decay in these leaked production concept illustrations as opposed to the shiny robots shown in the previous movies. But on the other side, it's like the producers took the look and feel of the Matrix, Transformers, and a John Romero zombies movie into a blender and said "push the button, Frank." Then again, I guess there's only one way to portray post-apocalyptical warfare machinery. This:

I'm amazed by the Harvesters, the giant mechas you can see next to the tiny T-600, which is a previous even more zombiesque version of Arnie's T-800. But "Mototerminator"? Hello? Does that mean there will also be Carterminators? iPodterminators? Ah, the wonderful world of the merchandising. Whatever they do, I hope they find some use for the secret kinetic rocket fire balls. [Filmonic via io9]

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