Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition Is $US150 in February

Traditionally, the name "Madcatz" implies generic, a peripheral that's cheaper than those manufactured by Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo. But the Madcatz Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition is an ultrapremium controller that will go for an ultrapremium price when it's released on February 20th. $US150. But it might be worth every penny.

You see, the FightStick Tournament Edition uses the exact Sanwa joystick and 30mm buttons found in the official Street Fighter IV arcade machines—plus, there are separate turbo controls for each button. Couple this controller with an HDTV, PS3 or Xbox 360 and surround sound and you'll have a gaming experience better than the arcade itself...and at a much lower price than your own cabinet would cost, too. [Amazon via Gamecyte]

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